2015 Resolutions

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Finally I’m able to sit down and write our new year resolutions, a little bit late but there are more than 350 days ahead to work on it, so let’s be optimists, we are still on time!

We hope to add a little bit of this in our lives:

Be Jesus followers: We both have always been Jesus believers, but this year we want to become more than that, we hope to take his teachings in our day a day, this demands hard work but it’s a resolution we want to keep and make it bigger every year.

Growing our family: Not to much to add here, we just hope to become a family of three pretty soon!

Strong up our relationship: The most beautiful thing about marriage is to feel loved despite our flaws and faults. We want to make our home our refuge. And as the saying goes, it takes two to tango!

Doing more outdoor activities: I love having my office routine, however I want to become an outdoor person too, going for a walk, doing yoga or just getting outside for fresh air is on my 2015 wishlist, and I’m sure it will add happiness to my daily life.

Set a routine and become morning persons: Working at home is the best thing ever, however it’s hard to keep a healthy routine and set up time boundaries. We want to become early birds, in order to have time for things that we love and make us happy!

Explore new creative areas: We really love our jobs, but there are a lot of things in our to-do list to explore. We have a few projects in our oven, so wish us luck in this journey!


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