Christmas cards – DONE!!

Our Christmas cards - Rick & RoseWe finally got them and I couldn’t be happier! We tried to do the most easy process we could out of our first Christmas cards. We took our own pictures, did the design using one of our Christmas templates, sent them to print and voilà! We got the cards on our door the next day!!! Isn’t that AMAZING!!?

Well the adventure didn’t finish there…XX3A8950 copycalligraphy processcalligraphy with pointed nibNine months ago, for our wedding, I took a calligraphy course online with Melissa Esplin at I still love calligraphy,  definitely one of the best classes you can find online for pointed pen calligraphy.

So this was the perfect moment to put all that into practice again by decorating the envelopes with all those flourishes and charming letters.

calligraphy envelopeschristmas cards card and calligraphy envelopesCalligraphy envelopesCards printed at Miller’s Lab

4 thoughts on “Christmas cards – DONE!!

  1. Lovely calligraphy! The blouse you’re wearing in the photo is so pretty. I’m hoping you could tell me the brand or store from which you got it. Thanks for your help!

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