Making our own Christmas pictures!

This is our first Christmas card ever, we have been together for so long already however, to be honest we never felt the need to make Christmas cards before. Since we lived near by our family and friends we usually prepared some special gifts like homemade cookies or brownies – my favorites!

This year everything is different, being far away from family and friends is something we are starting to get used to, we want to keep in touch with them and now as a family we desire to create our own traditions such as mailing seasonal cards. Although, is not that easy to get the time to schedule a photo session, putting the cards together and sending them all on time, it’s definitively worth doing it!

So after looking for available photographers in our new town without any luck, we decided to make our own pictures.  Looking at the final pictures made it even more rewarding!! We had so much fun!

Christmas cards - merry and bright

This is part of the design of our Christmas cards, I already sent them to print and can’t wait to get them on our door!! Christmas self portraitIt’s overwhelming to think about doing your own pictures however with the right tools you can get it to work. We used our Canon 5D Mark III, we set up the camera on a Manfrotto Tripod, I had several tripods before but this is my favorite, it’s so light and easy to use.  At the beginning I though to make the pictures using the built-in timer, however it’s exhausting going back and forth to the camera for just one picture, and steals the moment’s spontaneity, so we found this minimalistic remote shutter, it has a wireless control so you don’t need to connect anything, just shoot with it in front of the camera – so you have to play around to hide it from the shot but it’s a lifesaver.

These are two of my favorite pictures, definitely life is not the same without pictures!  Christmas self portraitBTW, we took these pictures on our bedroom… yep! we’re still having all of our walls in blank.

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