New home!

We have a new canvas to start again, how exciting! and when I say new canvas I meant it, everything is on blank even our bed sheets!

God blessed us with a new nest! We are so excited with our new home, is more than we could ever wish for, it’s bigger than our previous apartment, now we have 3 bedrooms ( 2 before ) and that means our family is ready to GROW!!

So, let’s begin the tour. I’m thrilled we finally have a little porch to have some plants and decorate on seasons, how lovely!! On the living room (1) there is a lot of space to have our social area with a couple of sofas and the TV, the dining area (2) is next to the kitchen (3) that is actually huge I hope we make lots of delicious recipes there and enjoy precious moments with our family and friends, I also wish to have that isle countertop tidy, since it’s a clutter magnet, makes you want to pile papers, keys, cloths and what not, lol.

new-home-1The office (4) was our priority, obviously, the first thing we needed to do after settling down was setting up our work space, so we went on the hunt for some nice desks, comfy chairs and an internet service installation, of course, to start working on the daily basis after several days in the nearest Starbucks looking to get a decent wifi connection. This is life when moving, no regrets at all, part of our adventure.


Now we have a guest room (5),  well actually is the future baby room, and since there is no baby on the way (for now!) our love ones can come and stay, so: “Family!!, start visiting before it’s too late”.

I know this Thanksgiving will be so special, we have too much to be Grateful for, God has surprised us every single day not only with goods but with love, health, a supportive family and unconditionally friends.

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