Night of lights

XX3A9031 copyRight before Christmas we visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we wanted to feel the holiday spirit around and see the Christmas lights decoration they do every year in honor of the Osborne Family. I didn’t know the family story behind this tradition, but I learned it was a modest family in Arkansas who began a Christmas lighting decoration tradition and every year they made it bigger and bigger.

disney hollywood studios

XX3A9056 copyI love these pictures so much, all of them pop up a smile on me!

XX3A9061 copy

XX3A9059 copy

XX3A9081 copyWaiting for the lights show we spent some time walking around and looking at the Christmas decorations.

XX3A9073 copy

XX3A9085 copy

XX3A9086 copyOne of my favorite spots here is the Muppets area, I feel that every silly character has the magic to bring alive so many memories from childhood, and it’s like you become a child again with them around. disney hollywood studios the muppets

muppets at disney hollywood studiosActually we are not a “fast food” family…BUT once a year doesn’t hurt!chesseburguer dinner at disney

the osborne family disney hollywood studiosThe Osborne Family Spectacle was magical, for a moment I felt like celebrating Christmas in New York City with all those lights and the funny fake snow over our heads.

the osborne family lights

the osborne family disney hollywood studiosMy favorite things were listening the Christmas songs along the street,  a free Mickey Mouse ice cream we got during the show and looking at the “snow” in the middle of Florida.

the osborne family disney hollywood studios

the osborne family disney hollywood studios

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