Our little flea market

Home decoration - mini flea marketOur latest adventure. We are moving to a new home and looking to renew some of our stuff….actually almost EVERYTHING! Yes, we got crazy and want everything different, a new start from scratch!

I was so attached to our first home, and right now it’s just a little flea market, this whole thing of getting rid of our stuff has been kinda bittersweet, hard at the beginning, but right now I’m thinking that the new home will be a good opportunity to make better choices, cultivate new and better habits and to grow up as a family.

A new adventure is coming and we are so excited to share it with you! New updates  of our new space coming soon!

2 thoughts on “Our little flea market

  1. Where ever did you get that “home is where the beans are” print? It’s adorable and has another meaning for my family… must find.

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