Our wedding film

Recently, we received the most lovely surprise in our mailbox!! Finally, the full ceremony footage of our wedding!

If you are a passionate photographer you will love watching the work of these amazing team Inskpot Crow.

After looking around for several months for the perfect crew to film our wedding in Costa Rica, we stumbled upon these incredible team of cinematographers who know how to do the best wedding movies ever. Not only did we instantly fell in love with their work, we became addicted to watching all of their previous wedding films. We knew right away we had to book them for our big day in February.

The relationship started with a shyly exciting email from our side, and unfolded into a warm Skype video chat with Mackenzie & Philip where we happily confirmed they were the perfect fit for our wedding. Not to mention meeting part of the crew in person, Philip along with Nathan, the day of the ceremony.

We adored the way they wrapped the final product in this little pandora box, a DVD with the feature film and additional footage, a wooden usb flash drive inside the cutest padded sleeve, and to top it off, a lovely and colorful Thank You card included. The whole process definitively made us feel truly unique and special, and certainly speechless with the quality of the final product.

Check the wedding highlights below 🙂

PASSWORD: inkspotcrow

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